home Healthy Fun Meals 10 मिनट के अंदर-अंदर बन जाने वाली 6 सात्विक रेसिपी | 6 Fruity & Healthy Breakfast Recipes

10 मिनट के अंदर-अंदर बन जाने वाली 6 सात्विक रेसिपी | 6 Fruity & Healthy Breakfast Recipes

📗 Order the Satvic Food Book : https://satvicmovement.org/foodbook 🙋🏻‍♂️ Attend our next workshop : https://satvicmovement.org/workshops 📸 Connect on Instagram : http://instagram.com/satvicmovement 👉🏼 How to make coconut milk at home: https://youtu.be/V5iKxcSNnQw 👉🏼 How to make nut butter at home: https://youtu.be/mA4btETNQCM?t=66 ______________________________ अगर आपको अपने दिन की शुरुआत healthy नाश्ते से करनी है, लेकिन रसोई में एक घंटा बिताने का न समय है और न मन्न, तो ये वीडियो आपके लिए है| आज हम सीखेंगे 6 स्वादिष्ट रेसिपी जो आप नाश्ते में बनाकर खा सकते है| इनमें क्या ख़ास है? ये सभी 10 मिनट के अंदर-अंदर बन जाती है| If you want to start your day with a healthy breakfast, but don’t feel like spending an hour standing in the kitchen, this video is for you! In this video, you will

learn 6 healthy breakfast ideas for the morning, each of which can be made under 10 minutes. 0:00 Introduction 01:31 Fruit Custard 03:24 Banana Date Shake 04:21 Fruit & Nut Bowl 06:18 Satvic Mango Shake 07:31 No-Blend Smoothie 09:35 Chia Pudding ______________________________ What is Satvic Movement? Satvic Movement is a non-profit health education platform, formed with an aim to bring man close to Mother Nature. We provide holistic knowledge about health, coming from our vedas & scriptures. This ancient Vedic knowledge is meticulously captured and translated into ‘easily adaptable habits’ for today’s modern lifestyle. We deliver this knowledge to you through our Health Transformation Workshops, YouTube videos and our Food Book. Following the Satvic lifestyle empowers you to become your own doctor. You live a life of optimal health and automatically cure all chronic diseases you might be suffering from – simply by changing your food & lifestyle. Let’s come together and save the planet from ever-increasing diseases. Let’s create a Health Movement. We call it Satvic Movement.