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5 Minutes Mini Pizza Recipe | No Dough Pizza | anju khan healthy living

Hello everyone! Here is no dough quick and easy recipe of mini pizza. You can make this delicious pizza just in 5 minutes.These little bites are perfect for kid’s school lunch, parties and for fun weeknights! you only need few things to assemble this delicious pizza. You can make as many as you can and freeze them for latter. منی پیزا کا آسان نسخہ۔ آپ اس لذیذ پیزا کو صرف 5 منٹ میں بنا سکتے ہیں 5 Minutes Mini Pizza Recipe By Anju Khan | No Dough Pizza | anju khan healthy living Preparation :— You will need 1 : English muffins or buns 2 : cheese 3 : pizza sauce 4 : Toppings of your choice Instructions To assemble pizzas: Preheat oven to

400 degrees F. take muffins and spread pizza sauce thoroughly add mozzarella cheese add olives – tomatoes- bell peppers cooking :— Bake mini pizzas for 5-8 minutes, or until cheese is melted. Serve immediately to your love ones. #minipizzabyanjukhan #nodoughpizza #easypizzarecipe #homemadepizza #pizzaforkids #kidslunchidea #nodoughpizza #quickpizzarecipe 1) anju khan healthy living 2) mini pizza by anju khan 3) quick pizza recipe 4) pizza recipe 5) pizza for kids 6) school lunch idea 7) no dough pizza 8) mini pizza for kids 9) bread pizza recipe 10) pizza snacks Anjukhanhealthy living brings you healthy recipes that you can make easily in short period of time. On this channel we encourage young children to learn how to make their own food. (In supervision of an adult) Keep cooking and keep sharing with your love ones. Please subscribe to our channel Thanks for visiting and supporting stay blessed.