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6 Salads Made Simple | Pampered Chef

It can be hard to think of easy healthy recipes to eat when you’re on the go, but these simple salad recipes made in the Salad Cutting Bowl fit the bill. Choose one of these six easy salads for a delicious, nutritious lunch that beats takeout: Superfood Salad, Southwestern Salad With BBQ-Lime Dressing, Asian Kale Salad, Classic Greek Salad, Classic Cobb Salad, and Fresh Fruit Salad. Featured Tools Pampered Chef Salad Cutting Bowl Set:

http://bit.ly/2M7q8qB Featured Recipes Superfood Salad: http://bit.ly/2LZ9g5f Southwestern Salad With BBQ-Lime Dressing: http://bit.ly/2M0Vlvp Asian Kale Salad: http://bit.ly/2M2SaTM Classic Greek Salad: http://bit.ly/2LZ2z2S Classic Cobb Salad: http://bit.ly/2LYHshl Fresh Fruit Salad: http://bit.ly/2M2XExZ