http://SHOP.life-regenerator.com * http://READ.life-regenerator.com * * Apples, Cinnamon & Raisins * A great anytime snack for kids, teens & adults! * I n g r e d i e n t s * — Organic Apple(s) — Organic Cinnamon to taste http://CINNAMON.life-regenerator.com — Organic Raisins http://RAISINS.life-regenerator.com * P r e p a r a t i o n * — 1) Using your favorite knife (Krista & Dan’s favorite is here: http://KNIFE.life-regenerator.com ) slice the apple or apples into bite-sized pieces or however you want to slice them. — 2) Sprinkle cinnamon and raisins over the top — 3) Serve, and enjoy! * I n s p i r a t i o n * — I can’t live without this snack! Aside from me just grabbing a whole piece of fruit to snack on (usually a banana!), this is my #1 snack…especially in the fall and winter, when apples are in season. Please try to get organic apples as you WILL be eating the peel, unlike when you juice apples…where the pesticides hang onto the fiber and peel so you don’t get many pesticides left in your juice! — If I was stuck on a deserted island I would definitely want the knife I use in the video with me, as not only is it great at cutting pretty much anything, and we’ve NEVER had to sharpen it in 3 years, but it also doubles as a fork as it has 2 prongs at the tip. (nooooo, I’m not suggesting that you use this knife as a fork in front of your dinner guests!) Anyways, as we both use this knife so often I should really just get us another one as it doesn’t even cost that

much! http://KNIFE.life-regenerator.com — Cinnamon is fantastic for modulating one’s blood sugar levels, whether you have hypoglycemia, diabetes or just want to feel on an even keel! http://CINNAMON.life-regenerator.com — This is a snack pretty much anyone could love! If you have tons of hungry kids come over to your house to play after school and are suddenly all begging for an after school snack, then THIS is the snack that is pretty much guaranteed to do the trick! — If you’re up late after dinner and after everyone else went to bed and you get struck with a case of the midnight munchies and feel the call towards some less than stellar foods, then do yourself a favor and just try to FIRST have this snack to see if it will satisfy you…most likely it will! Also, if I make this up for myself using TWO apples, then I’m guaranteed to not even be able to finish my plate in one sitting…as apples have so much fiber, and because you have to chew a lot, I get too full before I can even finish my plate! — I can’t believe how many times I used David Wolfe’s favorite “the best ever” phrase in this video! I don’t normally say it so much, I swear! LOL I hope you guys had fun with this little vid… let me know what you think! Love, Krista http://youtube.com/milokito . http://SHOP.life-regenerator.com . .