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Arbery Murder Closings, FB's Race-Blind Practices; Diabetes Awareness, Healthy Thanksgiving

11.22.2021 #RolandMartinUnfiltered: He was hours away from dying before Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt commuted his death sentence, and Julius Jones’ sister says the commutation isn’t enough: She’ll join us tonight. Closing arguments began today in the trial of the three white men who chased and gunned down Ahmaud Arbery. The defense attorneys’ are doing all they can to make Arbery look like a villain and not a victim. Our favorite defense attorney tried to get another mistrial, this time blaming it on the “Black Panther group, ‘other protesters in a so-called mob” near the courthouse. New documents reveal how Facebook ignored recommendations to stop hate speech aimed at their minority users. The President of Color of Change will join us to break it all down. The man accused of plowing down dozens of people during a Wisconsin Christmas parade faces multiple homicide charges. It’s diabetes awareness month. We’ll talk to Grammy-nominated Gospel singer Bishop William Murphy about how he decided to take his health into his own hands. And it is Thanksgiving week. In our Fit Live Win segment, we’ll find out if a “healthy” Thanksgiving meal can exist and still be tasty also, what you can do to stay on track with your fitness goals. #RolandMartinUnfiltered partners: Verizon | Verizon 5G Ultra

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