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Ayamase Soup (Ofada Stew) Recipe | Saladmaster Cookware

In this video, I’ll show you how to prepare a delicious and authentic Ayamase sauce, also known as Ofada Stew, using Saladmaster cookware. Ayamase sauce is a popular Nigerian dish made with a blend of local peppers and assorted meats, giving it a rich and spicy flavor. With the help of Saladmaster cookware’s advanced cooking technology, we’ll achieve a perfectly cooked and flavorful Ayamase sauce. Join me in this culinary adventure and learn the secrets to making this

traditional dish with a modern twist. Don’t forget to like, comment, and subscribe for more mouthwatering recipes! Recipe for Ayamase Sauce: Ofals (meat organs) Smoked fish Green Tomatoes Green fresh scotch bonnet Red fresh bonnet . Chicken Green bell peppers (green capiscum ) Iru (locust beans) Seasalt  Cajum Spice. ofada Rice #AyamaseSauce #OfadaStew #NigerianCuisine #SaladmasterCookware #SpicyDelights #AuthenticRecipes #TraditionalFlavors #FoodieInspiration #CookingWithPassion #NigerianFood #TastyMeals #HomeCooking #FoodieLove #FlavorfulDishes #HealthyCooking #FoodLovers