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Breakfast Meal Prep 3 Healthy Breakfast Bowls

*fixed audio. Sorry guys! Just wanted to share with you guys another very simple recipe and meal prep. Meal prep boxes purchases: Regular, split, and 3 compartment boxes available ?? Email me at orders@billykfitness.com with zip code and which package you want. ? These boxes re-usable, split containers/ regular, microwaveable, dish washer safe, heavy duty meal prep boxes. For the scale, just add $20. Scale is super slim and slightly smaller than an iPad. (Battery included) Spilt boxes: 10 boxes= $11 ($31w/scale) 20 boxes= $18 ($38w/scale) 30 boxes= $23 ($43w/scale) Normal containers with no spilt or circular bowls: 10 boxes= $8 ($28 w/scale) 20 boxes= $15($35 w/scale) 30 boxes= $20($40 w/scale) 3 compartment split containers: 10 boxes= $15 ($35 w/scale) 20 boxes= $22($42 w/scale) 30 boxes= $27($47 w/scale) Plus shipping. $6-$14 If you would like to place an order, send me an email at orders@billykfitness.com I ship out same day?? Currently domestic shipping only. Comment below and let me know what kind of videos you would like to see me make or speak about!

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