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Healthy and Easy Kids Recipes | Alligator Berries

Learn how to make healthy and easy Alligator Berries recipe! Get the full recipe: https://www.rainbowchefsacademy.com/#…​ Learn how to make Alligator Berries! Watch as this young chef gives you a simple and easy to follow Alligator Berries recipe. This is one of our many healthy recipes that are easy for kids to make. This is a fun and easy recipe that kids can make at home! Find out how to make healthy Alligator Berries! If you want to become an expert young chef, subscribe to the channel! Rainbow Chefs Academy educates children and adults on how to

live a healthy lifestyle, emphasizing nutrition and the culinary arts, that is sustainable for the individual and beneficial for society as a whole. We offer engaging education for developing nutritious eating habits. We provide healthy and nutritionist-tested recipes with age-appropriate guidance. It is our desire to empower and make a difference in as many children’s lives as possible by teaching life lessons through the exciting world of culinary arts. #easyrecipesforkids​​​ #simplerecipesforkids​​​ #onlinecookingclassesforkids​​ #AlligatorBerries