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Healthy Breakfast Muesli – Under 10 Minutes!

When you need a Grab & Go Breakfast and do NOT want to compromise on health, these Healthy Breakfast Muesli cups are the way to go! So easy and SO delicious, I could have one every morning! Serves 2 Greek Yogurt – 2 dollops per person Milk – A splash Your Favourite Fruits Muesli – I’ve used my favourite brand which has no added sugar Honey (optional) 1. Take 2 fancy-shmancy glasses and

layer up the breakfast pots in the order mentioned above. The fruits are to act as separators so that the Muesli does not get soggy. 2. Garnish with a piece of cut Strawberry. 3. Cover with cling wrap & chill overnight. 4. In the morning, garnish with a spoonful of Honey and have a great start to your day!