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Healthy Lunch Ideas | Easy & Vegan

❤ OPEN FOR MORE INFO! For Business Inquires: Theveggierose@gmail.com Become a Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/veggierose BEST VEGAN RECIPES FOR YOUR FAVS THE BEST TASTING Vegan Steak Recipe – https://youtu.be/pq3ab6f35h0 Vegan Calamari & Shrimp – https://youtu.be/i9B8rfwiWq0 Vegan Cauliflower Wings | 2 Ways – https://youtu.be/8JJBTq9xX94 Vegan Chicken Tenders/Nuggets – https://youtu.be/VtT7eYpQkCc Easy Basic Vegan Sausage Recipe – https://youtu.be/zpHNyUeQHsg How to Make Gravy | 5 Minute Recipe – https://youtu.be/lagZYAhWMVI Vegan Popcorn “Chicken” Bites – https://youtu.be/WrrOOMZ9rCc Easy Spanish Rice Recipe – https://youtu.be/Es6wT5V-9sE Mouth Watering Vegan Ribs – https://youtu.be/9qzPoc-o108 Easy Vegan Meatballs – https://youtu.be/d_s2VC0uHok Vegan Crunch Wrap | Taco Bell – https://youtu.be/U25w0XACTlM Vegan Deli Meat Slices – https://youtu.be/oGziUfM9IRM Vegan Chicken Bites | Jackfruit – https://youtu.be/WZeH_wh5tCE Vegan Chicken Alfredo – https://youtu.be/03CLIaVNTsE Easy Vegan Dumplings | Potstickers – https://youtu.be/Bshylq5LTaQ How To Make | Firm Vegan Cheese | Shreddable – https://youtu.be/x7hV-ed1Qm8 How To Make | Firm Vegan Cheese | Shreddable #2 – https://youtu.be/SqjYl90EUys #veganfood #veganrecipes #veggiefam ❤Curious

about going vegan? Inspiring Documentaries (Can be found on Youtube or Netflix) 1. Earthlings 2. Forks over Knives 3. Blackfish 4. Food Inc. 5. Meat the Truth 6. Cowspiracy 7. What The Health 8. The Game Changer If you made it all the way to the bottom of this description comment “Veggie Fam”