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How to get your kids to love healthy food?

Kidsstoppress brings to you our very first Food Hangout on “How to get your kids to love healthy food?” In conversation between Dhvani Shah, Naturopathic Nutritionist and Author of “Don’t just feed… Nourish your child”, Madhuri Iyer of Supermom Cookbook and the famous Archana Doshi of Archana’s Kitchen. Every parent primarily has one question in mind. How to get my child to love eating healthy? Kidsstoppress hears you. This Hangout predominantly covers topics like: 1. How to get your child to eat healthy food? 2. What do our experts think of nutrition versus calories ? 3. Is it okay to create a consistent meal plan

for the entire family ? 4. What are the substitutes to expensive vegetables like kale ? 5. Should my child go vegan? 6. What cooking equipments should be used and when? 7. What kind of oil should be used for children and how much? 8. Some fun recipes for the family 9. How to tackle fussy eaters ? Our experts shared their on trick that they use to tackle fussy eaters. Do share your trick with us in the comments below. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram to know more on healthy eating for kids