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Our DINNERS for a whole week? // My DIET for healthy skin + body

Today, is going to be a new kind of video about what dinners I have in a week, and how to manage when living with a partner that doesn’t eat as healthy as you- however we can still share the same meals, with just a few tiny tweaks. It’s clean, good for my skin and most importantly- sustainable! This is because I listen to my body and my cravings, and treat myself when I feel like it. However, I usually stick to 80% of my meals being healthy, nutritious fuel for my workouts that are full of proteins and veg. The 20% I like to save for the weekend, so I can have what I want and to give myself a break. The recipes are easy for me to follow, I find it’s affordable when

going on my food shops, and I always feel filled up on whole organic foods. You’ll see a difference in your skin, and bloating once you start to feed it with the proper nutrition and your body will thank you for it! Previous Video: What NOT to do if you’re Vegan: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HEzGAKJYD-k&t=1153s Products mentioned: Charlotte Tilbury Lip gloss (Rosy Glow) : https://www.houseoffraser.co.uk/brand/charlotte-tilbury/collagen-lip-bath-773893#colcode=77389370 Social Media: Instagram & TikTok: Stephanie_la9 Thanks for watching! I really hope you enjoyed our mad evenings in the kitchen, we usually have a lot of fun cooking… Don’t forget like and subscribe!! See you next week 🙂 Lotta love, Stephanie