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Please Join Caroline and Locky for a Benefit Drive through Intuitive Tarot and Mediumship

Hello Everyone. You are invited to Join Caroline Thomas and Locky Cleary for an afternoon of Intuitive Tarot and Mediumship to raise funds for a family in need. ***************** Please DONATE TO paypal.me/carolinethomas2 IN “US dollars” and as “family and Friends” a minimum $20 for an indepth reading OR if youd like to just donate for this benefit, please feel free to pop in any amount you’d like. All donations are gratefully accepted ***************** This Fund Raising Benefit is for someone that some of you may know through the spiritual community as Penny Evans. Penny lives in Johannasberg, Sth Africa where the economic environment is extremely difficult and has been for quite some time. Although Penny has a job, the wages she receives only just cover her Rent, leaving very little for Bills (ie: electricity, Gas, Telephone, Water, FOOD and medications) The idea behind this Benefit or any other live that I will be hosting over the coming weeks, will be to raise funds for their Food primarily. Their staple diet at the moment consists of Bread, being eaten for breakfast, snacks during the day, and toast for dinner, JUST BREAD. This is not enough to maintain their health. We are a community and when someone is suffering, all we want to do is step in and help a family in need. This is not any different for me, when i raise funds

for antichild trafficking. The antichild trafficking will not suffer because of these fund raising benefits as I will still be there for the normal lives on Fridays. Your donations are an exchange of energy to help Penny and her family through very trying times. Penny would like to express her profound gratitude in advance. She wants to show where the funds are being spent. This will be done via a post each week until the funds are exhausted. This is as transparent as we can be. Please know that we are so very grateful for the help that is being given through this exchange of energy. Penny most likely wont be able to answer any concerns if you reach out over Social Media as (from what i understand) there are Internet Restriction as well, so apologies in advance for not answering. Written by Penny Evans – “When people are going through tough times, we need to recognise that there is always help out there. I would like everyone to know that we are never alone on our journey.” Gratitude ALWAYS, Penny. THANKYOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT xx Luv and Light always, Caroline Thomas, Carolines Energy Healing and Tarot Card Readings FB and Locky Cleary, Serene Psychic FB page