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so in the afternoon, Dam Mong Kieu and Manh Chinh

If you’re a foodie, you’re sure to love our amazing food variety stores! Create and manage your own restaurant island, sell international dishes from around the world, invest in ingredients and unlock lovely happy diners! Fill your island with delectable treats like spicy dishes or sweet desserts. Whatever your food preferences, we have everything for your needs! Indulge in our wide range of dishes: seafood, desserts, appetizers, snacks, salads and drinks! Our restaurants serve only natural, organic and healthy foods with no preservatives! Functions – Build & expand your own

restaurant city! Level up your shop to change the look, run food fairs and trigger the sale craze to earn big! – Manage your store! Use ingredients and magic substances in your shop to increase the population. Set the dining table strategically, decorate and increase the amenities to enhance the attractiveness! – Invest in new items and attract new diners! Watch them interact and keep them happy for generous tips! – Complete various quests and achievements for rewards!