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Spinach Pesto Noodles with Chef Lena Ropp

50+ ebooks and courses. $3,200+ Total Value. Only $50. Expires 11/1/21. My name is Lena Ropp. I’m Raw Food Chef, Raw Vegan Lifestyle Coach, Recipe Developer, Food Stylist, Educator and Author based in Encinitas, California. With a focus on healthy balanced eating, regular self-care and whole body wellness, I share easy to follow recipes and tips to empower and inspire you to take care of yourself. I encourage to devote time to daily exercise, meditation and mindfulness. Living in Southern California for the past 10 years has been a big influence on the way I eat, thrive, nourish relationships with my husband and raise our kids. Yes, my whole family is fully raw including kids @artsyfruityteya @leontifruitpowered, my husband @seasropp, my mom and our @bordercollie_zephyr is vegan too. We grow a great variety of greens in our own garden and support local farmers buying fruits and vegetables at the farmers market every Sunday. Currently building WLDER Eco Heaven Retreat center and planting regenerative Food Forest in Costa Rica to provide the opportunity for your guests to learn how to thrive on raw food lifestyle, heal, reconnect with nature and self. We are moving to @wildercostarica in January 2022. I graduated from Cornell University’s Plant-Based Nutrition Program and The Institute for Integrated Nutrition. I have been a Contributing Chef to numerous recipe books as well as featured in many national print and online publications. @pureveganfood was featured in The Huffington Post as one of the “17 Vegan Instagram Accounts You Should Definitely Be Following”. Juices are the way I start every single day! FREE ebook with code JUICEFORLIFE THRIVE ON RAW FOR A WEEK 7 day meal plan 40% off ALL Chef Lena’s recipe eBooks CODE: RAWFOOD40 Save $55! on NAMA J2 Juicer 🌿 code LENA10 WILDER retreat center in Costa Rica Okey, now it’s time for less official facts about me: � I’m from Kazakhstan, where one of the world’s most beloved fruits, APPLES, originated. I speak two languages: Russian and English. And I’m learning Spanish little by little. � I’m a mom of two little heroes @artsyfruityteya @leontifruitpowered and also have two step daughters. Love them all with all my heart. � My husband @seasropp

and I are chasing our dreams and building WILDER, the eco heaven retreat center. Moving to @wildercostarica very soon � � Our puppy @bordercollie_zephyr has green smoothie every single day. And he loves apples and watermelons as much as we do! � I have a marketing degree, worked as a Marketing Specialist and flew all over the world organizing corporate events, then founded a Wedding Planning Agency, which was thriving for 10 years. Gorgeous chapter in my life � � I moved to sunny California in 2011. � I start every morning with gratitude, meditation, yoga and juice! � I’m a passionate advocate of all living foods: sprouts, micro greens, juices, all fruits! Loooove durian! And that’s the way we celebrate special and not very special occasions. � I haven’t had a sip of alcohol since September 2019. And these have been the best years of my life! Freedom in its purity! � I do all my beauty routine myself and save so much money for my family—all goes to those exotic fruits! � I don’t like shopping! Stores, crowds, lines all make me very uncomfortable. I very occasionally buy sustainable brands clothing, but mostly I wear what I have for many many years. � My fav color is green! Maybe that’s why green juices and overloaded green salads make me the happiest! And I’m thriving on them every day! � I’m a very cheap date. I don’t drink and don’t order desserts, mostly we eat dinner at home and go for a sunset walk on the beach or around our cute surf town Encinitas. But I’m getting huge bouquets of flowers from my hero every week! I’m a Sagittarius and it tells a lot about me: all my dreams come true! Hope it made you smile, if you are still reading this Spinach Pesto Noodles Equipment: Blender Knife, cutting board Spiralizer Ingredients: 3 medium zucchini Spinach Pesto: 5 cups spinach 2 tomatoes/cucumbers 1 1/2 cup basil leaves 2 tbsp hemp seeds 2 garlic cloves (optional) 1 lemon juiced 1/2 cup water Toppings: 1/3 cup pomegranate seeds fresh basil Directions: Peel zucchini using a vegetable peeler. Spiralize zucchini into long noodle shaped strips. Combine all the pesto ingredients in a blender and pulse until coarsely chopped. Adjust seasoning to taste. Toss noodles in the sauce. Top with pomegranate seeds. Serve with fresh basil.