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Subah Ka Healthy Nashta | Healthy Breakfast Recipe | Easy Snack Recipe

#shaneDelhi #breakfast #healthy #NaginaAbbas subah jab din ki shuruwat karte hai toh jitne energy se bhara food khaye utna hi accha hota hai yeh energy se bharpoor toh hai hee saath mai boht healthy bhi so make sure you try this once I’m Nagina Abbas and for me HOMEMADE IS HAPPINESS SHAN E DELHI and SHANDAAR VLOGS are my channels. On Shan e Delhi, I always try to make easy and tasty homemade recipes that anybody can easily prepare because the real happiness lies in homemade food. The happiness that you will get by cooking food at home will not be found in any restaurant or dhaba, kyuki Ghar jaisa taste kahi nahi milta 🌺🌺❤️❤️ On Shandaar Vlogs, I try to connect with my viewers through my vlogs in those vlogs my daily routine and other things I always try to share 😉😉🤗🤗 So please connect with me on YouTube by

clicking the subscribe button and press the bell icon for latest notification if you like the video so please like and share with your family and friends❤️ And follow me on other platforms like Facebook and Instagram, links are given below Facebook Instagram Ingredients: 1 cup vermicelli 2 glass water 2 tsp clarified butter 2 tbsp peanuts 1/2 tsp cumin 1/2 tsp mustard seeds 1 small onion 2 green chillies 2 tbsp capsicum 2 tbsp peas 1/2 tsp salt 1/4 tsp crushed peppercorns Tags semiya, vermicelli, semiya noodles, instant noodles, breakfast, lunch, breakfast recipe, lunch recipe, noodles, semiya upma, upma recipe, vermicelli upma, vermicelli recipe, noodles masala, maggi noodles, maggi masala, masala noodles, vegetable masala, vegetable noodles, semiya upma recipe, semiya recipes, upmavu, semiya lunch, semiya masala recipe, semiya pulau, semiya kichdi, kichadi recipe, seviya upma, seviya recipe, seviyan, shan e dilli, shan e delhi, shane dilli, shane delhi