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Tasmania’s Injustice: Foodless in the food bowl

Hidden behind Tasmania’s gourmet foodie image are some horrific contrasts. Recent studies report that 1 in 2 Tasmanians are food insecure, which means half our community struggles to source enough healthy food. 1 in 5 households are regularly skipping meals and going hungry, and this figure has nearly tripled since May 2021. Let that sink in. Tasmania exports 5.5 times more food than residents consume, yet many families struggle to put food on the table. While Tasmania produces world-class edibles, we are simultaneously producing some of Australia’s worst health outcomes. Despite these startling facts, only 10 percent of people in severe food stress are accessing emergency relief. Why is this? What would it take to put food on the table for all Tasmanians? Join the experts for this eye-opening talk and explore how we might create a more just and sustainable food system to feed all Tasmanians. Further reading suggested by our speakers: The current Tasmanian Government food security strategy and action plan. An example of the local-global

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