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Top 5 Guilt-Free Healthy Desserts

In this video, join me and my dog Penny as we talk you through our top 5 guilt-free healthy desserts. These quick and easy desserts will satisfy your sweet tooth without the guilt! The recipes are not only healthy, tasty and inexpensive but also super fun and family-friendly. Definitely great to make with kids! In the video, I’ll demo the following recipes: Frozen yogurt bark Banana fudge pops Mock “chocolate chip peanut butter cookie” Dessert “pizza” Strawberries and cream As a Registered Dietitian, I promise to bring you sound, science-based nutrition advice that you can trust is from a reliable source. I hope this video helps you and your family on your journey towards health and

wellness. I also hope it reminds you that eating healthy can be fun! As you’ll see, each of my videos incorporate cute dog clips with my pal Penny and some of her friends to help demonstrate my points. Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel, check out my website, and follow me on Instagram for more fun videos, recipes and nutrition tips. I also offer one-on-one counseling through my website. Please leave your comments and questions as well. Thanks for stopping by! Website – https://virtualrdn.com/ Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/furtheloveofnutrition/?hl=en