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TT: How to Eat in your 20s, 30s, 40s and Beyond

Want to know how to eat as you age? As we go through life, we have many unique experiences or phases we go through. From starting out in our 20s as we start to build our lives, to meeting a special someone, having kids, building a career, retirement, or caring for an aging loved one, we go through a lot. Many of these experiences are interesting or rewarding and some just really suck. Your health during all these times may change with these unique experiences. You may be feeling great, just fine, or really depleted. No matter your age, there are foundational habits that we all strive to be consistent with for good health. However, with every decade, through our experiences and phases, our health may need some extra support in different ways. In today’s Tuesday Talk, we are going to talk about

how nutrition needs change and how we can best support our bodies to live through our unique experiences in our 20s, 30s, 40s and beyond. Rooting for you always, Coach Rose P.S. Whenever you’re ready, here are 3 more ways I can help you level up your fitness and nutrition so that you can level up in love, life, and business: Get started with a Healthy Eating Checklist, Meal Planning, easy recipes, and quick and effective workouts for free Get a custom nutrition report for you unique goals and food preferences here Want to work 1:1 with me so that you get all the support and accountability you need to lose the weight and keep it off for good? Comment VIP below and I will send you the details.