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Tonight on The New News, we cover the ongoing war in Ukraine, conflict in the middle east, and much more! If you like the content, don’t forget to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE, it helps us reach more people and raise more money for charities around the world! Join us on our discord at: Thank you to the volunteer staff team for helping make this possible! We will be live at 10 PM EST every day! DONATE TO SUPPORT UKRAINE! United24: – Launched by President Zelensky and the Ukrainian government. This allows people to donate to different aspects of the defense, humanitarian, and rebuilding efforts of Ukraine. It was announced personally by President Zelensky in an address to the world in English. All of this support goes directly to the accounts of the government of Ukraine. Come Back Alive: – An organization who has been operating since 2014 dedicated to providing Ukrainian troops and volunteers with much needed military equipment. Including optical sights, body armor, and other equipment. The World Health Organization (WHO): – Foundation provides health services across the world to ensure everyone gets the medical help they need. The WHO requested additional funding from it’s partners and has started a drive to assist the growing crisis in and around Ukraine. United Way Worldwide: – United Way Worldwide is on the ground in nations neighboring Ukraine such as Poland and Romania to assist in the government-led relief efforts for the ongoing refugee crisis. This includes food, clean water, medical supplies, shelters, hygiene supplies, and valuable childcare supplies for the large number of children crossing the border to flee the war. Doctors Without Borders: – Doctors Without Borders provides medical assistance worldwide for free. For years, they have had doctors volunteer to assist with medical missions around the world, with disregard at times for their safety and security. Currently, they are providing medical assistance to Ukraine and Ukrainian refugees. Currently, they have doctors in Lviv, Kyiv, Odessa, and in Romania

and Poland. World Central Kitchen: – Founded by world renowned chef Jose Andres, the world central kitchen provided humanitarian relief efforts to places that are affected by war, famine, economic and political crisis, natural disasters, and climate change. Currently operating in Ukraine, so far about 300,000 daily meals have been delivered and/or served. Including the recently liberated areas of Bucha, Irpin, and Hostomel. International Rescue Committee: – This link is for the IRC’s Ukraine campaign. Currently, they are in Poland, along the Ukrainian border assisting refugees and ongoing efforts to transport much-needed humanitarian supplies into Ukraine for those that are unable to leave. Brother’s Brother Foundation: – The Brother’s Brother foundation assists in providing disaster relief, humanitarian aid, etc. worldwide. Currently focused on the war in Ukraine and the humanitarian crisis that comes with it. 97% of all donation go to their programs. DONATE TO SUPPORT SOMALIA International Rescue Committee: – This link is for the IRC’s Africa campaign. Currently, they are shifting their focus to the massive droughts ongoing in Somalia to limit those, especially children, impacted by dehydration and malnutrition. Save The Children: – Save The Children is an organization that is dedicated to humanitarian efforts worldwide, focusing on the special needs of children and young adults in crisis areas. This includes those fleeing and trapped inside the country of Ukraine, as well as those who are particularly vulnerable during the drought in Somalia. DONATE TO SUPPORT SOUTHEAST ASIA UNICEF: – The United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) is an organization dedicated to helping children in need worldwide. Overseen by the broader United Nations, UNICEF is currently working in Ukraine, Somalia, and in Southeast Asia. 88% of every dollar donated will go directly to the programs. DONATE TO SUPPORT ETHIOPIA Hope Ethiopia: – An organization focused on humanitarian efforts within the country of Ethiopia, which struggles with severe food and water insecurities. 99.6% of donations go directly to their programs to help people in need!